The First of a Few Miniatures

As previously reported, we brainstormed some great ideas and some possible ideas for what to do with the voice assistants and data archives.

My approach is to make a series of relatively short movements or “miniatures” using said data sets. The data sets were used as the generative material to create the fixed media track which you can listen to below. All sounds you hear in the track come directly from the voice clips and are then further processed for desired sounds and effects. There are no samples or sounds that came from other sources. The intention is to continue generating fixed media under that parameter.

To accompany the fixed media track will be a graphic notation score for performer(s). If you’ve never seen one, here are some examples: While I am still in the process of sketching the score, it will be loosely based off a spectrum analysis of the frequencies found in the various voice clips you hear in the fixed media. The idea for instrumentation for this miniature is leaning towards resonant sounds of some type. I hope to post a page from the score soon so please check back.


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