Turk Interpreter Update

The Turk Interpreter has been updated!

Here’s a list of new features

  1. The backend has been updated with a more comprehensive playback and FX chain
  2. The GUI has been modified to include envelope and FX control
  3. It now incorporates x-OSC, using it’s built in accelerometer to trigger sample playback
  4. Two additional turk worker data sets have been added
  5. The person option now contains an all mode, randomly selecting from all of the available data-sets

A demo is available here and code is available here

Turk Interpreter

The Turk Interpreter is a system that plays back voice commands issued by Mechanical Turk workers. This blog post will briefly overview its features and present a short demo.

Turk Worker GUI

  1. Output -> Specifies the output of the turk interpreter. There are two options, human and Computer. Human will play back recordings of voice commands issued by turk workers, computer will read the commands with Mac’s built in text to speech software.
  2. Person -> Specifies the specific turk worker for playback. 
  3. Search -> Allows user to search turk worker data for specific word/phrase. Playback is then refined to results of this search.
  4. Result -> Results of search. Text can be edited to alter READ functionality.
  5. Play -> Plays back random voice command based on search results with varied output depending on output settings.
  6. Read -> Reads whatever is in results window with computer
  7. Stop -> Kills all audio

Turk Worker Demo

The person’s name has been blacked out to preserve their autonomy